Why your CV is your passport to success…


When you leave the country, you need a passport. And when you apply for a job, you need a CV.
Here at The CV Geeks, we have seen A LOT of CV’s since starting this business and throughout our career in the recruitment industry.

Whether it’s a Recruitment Consultant or a Hiring Manager, we can guarantee they will spend a minimum of 10-15 seconds per CV when sifting through the many applications. And during that short scan they are looking for the following:

  • Location: You’re in an area that is commutable distance to the job you are applying for.
  • Job Title: The experience on your CV matches that of what you’re hoping to be hired for!
  • Detail: The CV holds a good level (but not too much!) of detail to each role and doesn’t look like it’s been put together in a rush.

If your CV catches their eye after reviewing the above, then they will continue to give it a read. Ultimately you’ve passed the first test – yay!

The next part they will look for is the real nitty gritty stuff, and that could be anything from a particular skillset, certain system knowledge or level of education – so you want to ensure that all information relevant to your future job is included.

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TIP: Unless you’re a Graphic Designer whizz and showing off your fancy skills – having a CV with fancy swirls and boxes is (sorry to say!) pointless. A Hiring Manager is focussed on the content only and sometimes with a CV that has distracting font and formats, that could really take away the key detail that they may be looking for.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Recruitment Consultants will strip it down to basics before sending it to their client, so again, it would be pointless.



Below is a checklist of all information that should be on your CV to give you the best opportunity at reaching the top of that application pile:

Full Name
The easiest part!

Contact Details
Ensure that you include your telephone number, email address and location.

Personal Statement
The hardest part, people struggle to ‘big theirselves’ up. That’s what we do for a living though, and we’ll be able to pull the best parts about you from our initial consultation which helps us write this paragraph.

Dates, Providers and Qualifications should be added here.

Key Skills & Attributes
Another difficult part, but this plays an important role in the initial 10-15 second scan when you’re CV is being considered. Again, during the consultation, we will discuss your skills, achievements and expertise to ensure this is highlighted on your CV.

Career History
The most important part. This is ultimately the main page to your passport that gets checked at Border Control. What should be included in here is the dates of employment, company name, job title, 4-6 duties of the role and preferably 1-3 key achievements. ALWAYS ensure this part is up to date when applying for work, after all, you wouldn’t try and leave the country with an expired passport.

Overall, your CV should be easy to read, with all necessary information included – with our CV Writing Services we ensure that it is formatted in a reader-friendly way and your true skillset stands out to catch the eye of the Hiring Manager in the first 10-15 seconds.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a new job but need to give your CV a spruce, we can help!

For more information on other services we provide CLICK HERE!



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